• The managing-director Arq Carlos Prata (co-author with Architect José Carlos Portugal between 1987 and 1997) is responsible for the work carried out by the atelier, whereby the activities of the atelier cannot be set apart from the individual curriculum below.
  • The activities of the atelier focus essentially on the following areas:
  • Detail planning – allotment studies, detail planning consultancy for local authorities;
  • Urban planning – projects for the reorganization of urban areas;
  • and principally, Architectural Projects, including interior and exterior furnishings and finishes.
  • The atelier has design and computer rooms and offices prepared for projects and administration, taking up an effective area of 320 m2.
  • APPLE MACINTOSH computers are used for designing, using ARCHICAD software, which are networked and have access to A4, A3 and A0 inkjet and A4 laser printers.
  • Depending on the characteristics and the size of the projects undertaken, the atelier collaborates with other ateliers and/or technical specialists.
  • CARLOS Adriano Magalhães Macedo PRATA was born in 1950 in Porto, where he has always lived.
  • He concluded his academic studies in Architecture at the Porto School of Fine Arts in 1975, and in 1980 – following the presentation of his internship report and his public examination (18/20) – received his Architect diploma with a final average grade of 15/20.
  • Between 1980 and 1990 he taught the Territory Analysis course at the Porto School of Fine Arts and the Project course at the Porto University School of Architecture, and was a member of the ESBAP Scientific and Pedagogic Council.
  • In 1999 he was invited to return to teaching at the Porto University School of Fine Arts, as Assistant Professor and, later, Invited Auxiliary Professor for the Project 4th year course.
  • He was a member of the Board of the Northern Regional Department of the Portuguese Architect Association (AAP), 1986/1990 for two consecutive triennia, of the National Council of AAP Delegates between 1992 and 1995 and the National Council of the Portuguese Architect Society from 1998 to2001, and is currently Chairman of the General Meeting of the Regional Department of the Architect Society.

AMI: 123456789

+351 262 965 300
+351 912 794 317

Rua do Comércio, nº27,2510-662 Vau, Óbidos 

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